In the ancient times, Thailand had to encounter and fight with many of marauders to protect the communities. Muaythai is a self-defense art which will be used when soldiers have to fight without weapons. Muaythai is the art of using human's toughest organics such as head, fists, elbows, knees and feet as weapons to fight with their enemies. Some people said that Muaythai is the one of many martial arts, which is the most powerful.

Now, Muaythai has been developed as a kind of self-defense, fitness programmers' and professional sports, which using gloves and fight within standard regulations. Muaythai is well known not only for Thais, but also for everyone in the world. Men and women at any age can learn and practice Muaythai for their recreation, sport or even in the real competition.

Every boxer who training will learn an original of Muaythai style. Step by step, one on one or a small group. We are welcome for everyone. Man, woman or even children can learn muaythai. Even you want to learn Muaythai for exercise, self defense or want to be a professional boxer.


Running Morning  5—10 Kilometers | Afternoon  3—5 Kilometers
Skipping 20 minutes
Shadow boxing 3—5 rounds ( 1 round = 3 minute)
Bag boxing 3—5 rounds ( 1 round = 3 minute)
Pad boxing 3—5 rounds ( 1 round = 3 minute)
Clenching 30—50 minutes
Maneuver 2—3 rounds ( 1 round = 3 minute)
Exercise 20 minutes
Morning session 08.00 — 10.00 am. 
Afternoon session 04.00 — 06.00 pm.
Monday to Saturday (Sunday Close)


in Thai Baht
         Per week           Per month

         500 Baht   1 Session

         800 Baht    2 Session


3,500 Baht   1 Session / day   

5,000 Baht  2 Session / day. 


one month  15,000 Baht   1 Session / day

one month  20,000 Baht  2 Session / day


***Special Class

       One on One

800 Baht   for 1  Hour ****


Booking also available through our website.

Come and practic with us or contact +66 817377193 & WhatsApp


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